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HGH and Muscle Growth

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been used by bodybuilders for years. But this is obvious when one thinks of the natural HGH that our body simply cannot live without. However there is a big difference between testosterone and HGH although they are both hormones. HGH is not produced in the testes and comes from the anterior pituitary gland under the stimulation of the Hypothalamus (like LH, the testosterone precursor).

The point of this article is to demonstrate the relationship between HGH and muscle growth. When considering the above it is obvious want to increase your own HGH production.

As a bodybuilding supplement, HGH increases lean body mass, shortens recovery time between workouts and enhances overall performance. HGH also strengthens joints and ligaments and heals damaged tissue.

Other body building benefits of human growth hormone include increased protein synthesis abilities, an increase in the amount of insulin a person can use effectively, and an increase in the amount of anabolic steroids a person can use effectively. But probably the biggest advantage is that the increase of HGH in your blood will radically reduce body-fat.

Although this article is not promoting the use of steroids and never will, it needs to cover a few rumors that are going around about taking HGH. One myth that surrounds the use of human growth hormone in body building is that it causes an extended belly. This is not actually caused by HGH itself; rather, it is caused too frequent doses at too high levels.

The last issue on HGH covered in this article is related to yet another rumor about HGH and is usually from people who are overdosing but nevertheless it needs to be covered. HGH does not cause abnormal bone growth (Acromegalia). After a person's period of natural growth in childhood, the ends of their bones fuse and quit growing.

Human growth hormone increases strength, promotes healthy weight gain, promotes fat loss, and decreases muscle loss during off periods. The side effects of using an HGH bodybuilding supplement are minimal and rare. Users claim that they achieve desired results when using the correct dosages and this is something that needs to be researched in order to get the best results for your own specific needs.

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