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Without a doubt there are ways that you can increase your own production of HGH by selecting the foods that you eat but it goes without saying that you are training with high intensity and short periods. Research seems to show that you should train hard only for 45 minutes and make sure that you get a good 8 hours quality sleep when you will produce most of your HGH.

When selecting HGH boosting foods you need to eat good high quality saturated fats. This might sound strange but in order to get the amino acids to have a good effect you need to make sure that 15-20 percent of your diet consists of clean fats. These induce cholesterol, the storage of the base-hormone in the body that leads to the manufacture of most steroidogenic hormones like HGH.

There are many HGH boosting foods but the best way to get the best results is by taking amino acids directly and at the right time. However Whey protein especially, and desiccated liver are high in arginine levels which is a major factor when it comes to the amino acids listed below. Gearing protein intake to specific goals could be a motivation to keep up the work on the nutritional end of things.

Science has now proven that high blood sugar levels will decrease the HGH release and you can easily stop these spikes in sugar levels during your day by simply eating foods with a glycemic index of 50 or less which can help to ensure that HGH production remains at optimal levels. Foods in this category include apples, bananas, carrots, corn, honey, mangoes, milk, oranges, pasta, peaches, pears and strawberries.

It should also be noted that other dietary sources of GH promoting nutrients are Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin B3 and most anti-oxidants. Take your stack, which ever amino acids it ends up consisting of, 45 minutes prior to your workout for maximal levels of Growth Hormone. On non-workout days, take your stack either before bed or in the morning, both on an empty stomach.

The doses recommended below are the best range for maximizing HGH in a pre-workout stack. If you have anti-aging properties in mind, smaller doses will work just as well.

Arginine (5-8 g) or arginine Pyroglutamate are prime movers in the production of natural GH.

Ornithine (4-7 g) works synergistically with arginine, from which it is derived. Together they have the best impact.

Glutamine (5 g) or Glutamine Peptides preserve the use of arginine in depleted circumstances.

Glycine (3-10 g)

OKG (3 g) is very expensive, but useful

BCAA's (3-6 g) for muscle building properties, enhanced by HGH.

GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) and Lysine in trace amounts, but since they may inhibit the other amino acids it would be best to take these at different times. The amino acid, which also acts as a neurotransmitter, has a relaxing and calming effect and tends to inhibit pain and fear. GABA-rich foods include brewer's yeast, eggs, nuts, seafood, seeds, soybeans and whole grains.

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