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Human growth hormones (HGH) are what are responsible for the physical traits of youth. As we age, the body produces less HGH and results in the deterioration of cells that effect muscle, joints, stamina, and energy. If the body is able to produce more HGH, then the damage that occurs over time can be slowed, stopped, and even reversed.

With the ever increasing desire of bodybuilders to find the “magic bullet” that will help them put on good quality muscle HGH has been used for many years. But the problem is that taking HGH dosages that are too high more often than not result in strange and unpredictable side effects. With the advent of HGH spray things have changed as it is now possible to get results without side effects.

There is a big difference between testosterone and HGH as HGH is produced in the pituitary gland only and is without a doubt the fountain of youth. There are many studies that have shown that using the correct dosages will radically improve the rate at which you can produce good quality muscle if you are training with high intensity.

The new HGH spray that you can now get is a way of getting HGH into your blood stream without having to resort to the illegal and often overdosed method of injecting the hormone.

Although the HGH spray is not simply HGH it consist of substances that radically improve your own natural production of HGH. The difference between steroids and HGH spray is important as HGH spray is legal. But steroids are also lab created hormones that are artificial and can have many negative impacts on your body. As mentioned above HGH spray is not HGH, it simply encourages the body to produce more of the human growth hormone that the body is lacking.

Since it encourages the natural creation of growth hormones, there are no side effects that are found with artificial hormones, like steroids. Steroids must also be administered by a doctor, whereas the HGH spray can be administered whenever you like as much as you like but there will be a recommended dosage on the container.

When you need that extra boost for your workout, consider using bodybuilding HGH sprays. They are safe, encourage your body to naturally produce growth hormones. Your workouts will be more effective and the results can be seen quickly. This is without a doubt the best alternative available that will slow down the ageing process and help you put on quality muscle at the same time.

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