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If you are an overweight beginner, you can mix weight training with whats called HIIT or High intensity interval training and actually loose fat and gain muscle at the same time. The naturally fat guys tend to have good results with a ton of cardio work…all the better if its HIIT.

Cardio can cause loss of muscle mass, but only when done on an endurance level or, greater than 40 minutes. Not to mention research has suggested steady - long distance cardio does not assist in fat loss.

If you are already fit, or the naturally skinny type you want to focus on the weights and stay away from any kind of endurance training as it will thin out your muscles to favor the slow twitch fibers easily. (Think marathon runner look) Weight training with tightly controlled rest periods will give you a sufficient cardio workout. (I for one have my HR at 140-160 when lifting)

If you are somewhat average body type, already have a high fitness level, and want to build up your muscles, you will get your best results going on bulk-cutting cycles. Basically hit the weights hard and eat a light surplus of calories. Centering your diet around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight seems to offer best results. And for god sakes eat healthy foods. Your body will only turn the first 200-500 calorie surplus into more muscle, the rest will be fat, so don’t eat too much. Oh and don’t forget those post lifting shakes. 100% pure whey protein taken immediately after lifting will be the secret to your success. Really anything with protein and carbs works; like say chicken sandwiches, but whey is the cheapest protein you can buy, has all the amino you need, and mixes in seconds for a shake rather than losing 30 minutes to cook. And the timing counts, you need to down it within 1 hour of your last lift or you will loose the effect. Whenever I skipped them my progress stopped dead. When I was using them I was adding 5 pounds every week.

When you have packed on the muscle (and a bit of fat too) cut with HIIT. It’s mostly anaerobic so it prevents your muscles from thinning out like a marathon runner’s, but mega burns calories. I like 3 mintue intervals, one mintue as hard as I can stand, 2 mintues a “recovery” pace. Do this for 15-20 minutes, (or until you are ready to puke.)

Then…if you are the naturally built type (mesomorphic), browsing the yellow pages for a gym while eating a big mac should add about 5 pounds of muscle to get you started…

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