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How To Get Huge Shoulders

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Tips for HUGE Shoulders

1) Thou Shall Fail: I used to do 8-12 reps for all of my sets, even if I had it in me to do another rep or two. Now I rep it out until I canít possible do another, and only then do I put the weights down.

2) Thou Shall Think Wide: Iíve always been good at close-grip upright rows, but lately Iíve changed my grip. Now I take a wider grip on the bar because the wider you go, the more the middle delt is involved. The move is much harder than youíd think, and very humbling: I can do 225 pounds for the close-grip row, but Iím lucky if I can get 90-100 pounds for the wide-grip row.

3) Thou Shall Strap in: I use straps for my shrugs and upright rows because I donít want to lose my grip with fairly heavy weights. I have pretty small joints, and my grip gives out long before the target muscle does. For example, I like to shrug with about 500 pounds on the barbellówithout the straps my hands unravel a couple reps into the set.

4) Thou Shall Keep it Fresh: I never do the same workout twice. I change my exercises, the order, and the reps and sets. I also integrate machines into my workout, and do drop sets and forced reps to keep my body guessing and keep making progress. When your body adapts to a particular routine or exercise scheme, itís time to make changes.

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