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Resistance training provides the highest exercise-induced growth hormone response (EIGR). In order to increase HGH response you need to select exercises that use the largest muscle groups like squats and deadlifts. But the HGH response also depends on the load and frequency of the training. In a nut-shell what this means is intensity.

When a person lifts heavier loads with the least amount of rest time possible, he causes the greatest amount of HGH to be released. Resistance exercises that require the largest muscle groups as mentioned above will cause the greatest HGH release, because there are more muscle fibers being utilized, resulting in a greater anaerobic response.

Other choices of choosing HGH exercises are sprints as HGH has a pulsatile release, making shorter bouts of exercise the best for HGH release. Pulsatile release means that it does not release on a constant or steady basis; instead, it releases in pulses. Therefore, sprinting (running, biking, swimming, among other exercises) for 10 minutes several times a day is very beneficial for HGH release. This allows the body to reach the highest lactic acid threshold possible and makes the muscles use the HGH the best.

It is important to note that when exercise is maintained above the lactic acid threshold for more than 10 minutes a HGH will be released both during the exercise and periodically over the following 24 hours. To get the most effective use of this high intensity you need to make sure that you are not training for hours without stopping.

A recent study that was done on exercise and HGH stimulation showed that when training more than 45 minutes cortisol was released which has a negative effect on the production of HGH. The study showed that HGH stopped completely after the production of cortisol started. However the study also showed that this could be increased over time.

The same study showed conclusively that by only training 45 minutes and stopping when the HGH release had reached its peak this could be extended over time. They showed that by increasing the intense workout by another two minutes every week the HGH release was maintained. What this means is that you can increase the amount of time of your high intensity workouts with practice.

If you work it out that after increasing your high intensity workouts by two minutes every week within 6 months you will easily be able to train hard for a full hour and get maximum results. This means that you can increase your HGH output on a continuous basis and continue to get results completely naturally.

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