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If you have decided to put on muscle and you have made the sensible decision to not resort to taking drugs to help you achieve that objective then there are a few things that you can do that will help. The way that these exercises will help are by naturally producing your own testosterone and get the best results as fast as possible.

Before you start however it would be wise to spend a read our article on what foods you should eat to help you boost the levels of testosterone in your body. These foods are tasty and can be easily prepared but you need to know which foods you should concentrate on as it will make a big difference to how you respond to the exercises recommended below.

Explosive works and works well when it comes to stimulating your own testosterone production. From Plyometrics to Olympic lifts they will all have an enormous effect on the average amount of testosterone you have floating around in your blood. It will not only add muscle power but will increase the weights that you can lift and is easy to measure the progress.

The Olympics lifts are the ultimate explosive exercises. Not just cleans and snatch but their many variations as well, they are true power movements. Make sure to start with a light weight and focus on form, as your form begins to improve, begin adding weight. Always focus on your legs first as this will increase your power to strength ratio.

It is good to note that deadlifts, front squats, upright row and push press are exercises that'll help you improve your form for Olympic lifts. Generally lower body exercises provide a healthy flow of these powerful hormones in a way that upper body lifts won't. That includes the greatest of all exercises for making more testosterone and making you stronger which is squats.

Doing a squat correctly and getting stronger you will feel that you have more testosterone floating around your blood just by feeling stronger because of the good old squat. The same can be said for the deadlift which is something that without a doubt has proven itself to increase your overall strength.

The last exercise that you should seriously think about when trying to increase the amount of testosterone is sprints. The sprint is a combination of the explosive training as well as the application of the plyometric principal which has proven itself to work and get you stronger very quickly. If you are somehow able to add these exercises to your workout routines there is no doubt that you will increase the amount of muscle that you have.

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