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What Foods Boost Testosterone?

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Science has proven that one can make a big difference to the amount of testosterone that your body produces simply by eating correctly. It is obvious that proteins will help you increase your levels of testosterone with the addition of the vital vitamins like B1 and B2 etc. Protein sources like steak, fish, egg whites and Oysters have shown to be very effective. But something that you may not be aware of is the importance of eating the correct vegetables. There are a wide range and some very specific herbs that will boost your own testosterone levels. Broccoli and cabbage contain a vitally important ingredient called Indole-3-carbinol. Indole-3-carbinol, in simple terms, helps to reduce estrogen.

When you have too much estrogen in your body it can result in more fat and less muscle, which is all bad for testosterone production. As far as the selection of herbs is concerned Garlic is a wonderful herb that contains a potent active ingredient called allicin that helps to increase testosterone.

There is a herb called tribulus terrestris is something that elite athletes and bodybuilders use to boost their testosterone levels. Tribulus terrestris is both a Libido enhancer (and has been proven in multiple clinical trials in this regard) and has an ability to increase testosterone. Well, our bodies contain something called luteinizing hormone.

One of luteinizing hormone's functions is to command the production of testosterone in our bodies. Tribulus terrestris helps by naturally boosting the levels of luteinizing hormone which, therefore, can help our bodies produce more of the testosterone hormone again. It should be noted that as we age we will naturally produce less testosterone.

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